Maria breaks up with Luwi. No she doesn’t want but her heart feels comfortable in Everly is to the far end since she herself expresses her feeling buy just questioning what may happen if she came to discover the truth about her father.

She is deeply stressed by the disclosure of information that she got from Brenda’s mother about her father and the relationship with William Hausa.

Maria cries a lot because Luwi has been the man of her dream since before even before setting her eyes on him.

Part 1

On the other side Silas and Vanessa are deeply in love end after introducing Vanessa to his father Daniel they are now free engaging each other in a day-to-day affairs even inviting Vanessa to his father’s home for swimming. Vanessa goes ahead and advises Silas to go back to school and advance his knowledge in order to suit in the society

Part 2
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