Breaking News: Maneno of Sultana Citizen Tv is dead. This sounds unreal News to his family and friends until his death is confirmed.

Who is Maneno Sultana?

Maneno is a male actor is Sultana Citizen Tv show. His real name is JUMA SHAMBI.

What Caused Maneno’s death?

Maneno was confirmed dead upon arrival in hospital. This happened after losing too much blood through bleeding.

Maneno who plays a very key role in the show was shot dead by Major Jabali. He was a victim of shooting when they were protesting for fairness with other villagers.

The group had gone to face Major Jabali after mistreating Sultana a blind poor girl in the show.

Lolani Kalu who is Babu in the show breaks the bad news about Maneno’s death. He passes the news to Sultana and Kokani who had refused to offer medical services.

Kokani refused to treat Maneno since he was bitter about Sultana being married to Jj.

Maneno will be buried on 1st November 2022 in SultanaCitizenTv show.

According to the sources, Major Jabali will start a new face of struggle in the society since everyone will be against his intimidation.

Note: Maneno is still alive. He only died as an actor in Sultana Citizen Tv show.

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