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Manchester City Stun Manchester United In the FA Cup 2023

3rd June 2023, Staduim- Wembley, Man City Vs Man-U FA Cup 2023

Manchester United vs Man United final score stands at 2 for Man city and 1 score for Man United in the Final FA Cup. Man City came to victory after having lost to an equalizer score during a penalty kick that was awarded to Man United. The two teams drew 1:1 in the first half where City scored the first goal at the very first minute. Man City’s earlyt goal was scored by Gudogan.

City enjoye a ball possession of up to 70% but at 30th minute, Grealish causes a penalty kick. After VAR check, United is awarded a penalty where Bruno Fernandes scratches the net with an equalizer score at 33’minute.

Top to the lead, Man City bags the FA Cup 2023 just a few seconds to the final whistle. The second goal for City was scored by Luis Saha.

Man-City Fans Celebrate 2 against 1 win VS Man-United FA Cup 2023


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