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Malindi Cult: More bodies Unearthed in Shakahola Village

Fasting To Death: More bodies of rogue pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church have been retrieved in Shakahola Village.

Shakahola Village is a small location found in Malindi Sub County, Kilifi County.

The region has hit the countries news headlines after people subscribed to the Good News International Church were found dead and buried while others were in a bad state, eying their graves without help.

Paster Paul Mackenzie was arrested and is in police custody to shade light to the nation on the same. Most recent news, as reported I’m the country, shows that more bodies have been unearthed in Shakahola Village.


The police have, however, discovered other fresh graves in the region. According to the estimated numbers, the number of dead victims linked to the Shakahola Village saga might hit over 100.

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