In Sultana 29th December 2022 full episode, Major Jabali is seen confused after learning that Bi Ua is not in her room.

This started at the climax of Sultana 28th when he had gone to check on Kokan. While at Kokan’s home, Major Jabali seems to restore their lost relationship.

Major first congratulates Kokan for proving to be a man. Kokan is in dilemma finding it difficult to join dots on what the man is after.

In reality, Major jabali is truly in his senses and happy since he has been against Jj’s relationship with Sultana. Upon hearing Sultana is Pregnant of Kokan he is the happiest man on earth.

In Sultana 29th December 2022, Fans are eager to see what will happen to Kokan. If he will welcome the deal and betray the villagers since he has been yearning to have Sultana as his wife. To add on it, Major gave Kokan some money to fastest the wedding and opened doors wide open for some more incase it’s not enough.

Ironically, Sultana herself has not opened up the truth on who is the father. We can’t wait to see her denying Kokan in public in Sultana 29th December 2022. Sultana is a kind of girls whose thoughts cannot be read from her actions and moves if she does not utter a word.

Incase she accepts the wedding, then the plans should start right away upon Kokan’s proposals in Sultana Citizen Tv 29th December 2022 full episode part 1 and 2.

Major Jabali is Shocked after finding the door that was under 24 hours lock open. This is not what he expects soon in that he had injected Ua a heavy sleeping syrup.

Jabali is shock Ua is awake.

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