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Major Jabali a.k.a Suleiman Fadhili – Biography, Networth, Wife – Sultana Citizen Tv

Major Jabali is a renown Kenyan actor. He has been in the acting industry for 46 years. Major Jabali’s real name is Suleiman Fadhili. Major Jabali (Suleiman Fadhili) is 58 Years old.

Who is Suleiman Fadhili?He is a male actor in Sultana Citizen Tv. He plays the role as the retired Major, Jabali. M.J is the father to Jj and Husband to Bi Ua in the show.
Major Jabali’s Real NameMajor Jabali’s real name is Suleiman Fadhili
Age58 Years old.
How many Years in the acting industry?He has been in the acting industry for 46 years.
How rich is Major (Net-Worth)He is approximately $400,000
Height1.7 m
Weight78 kg
How much is Major payed for actingKsh – 1M
WifeBi Ua
Children in the showJj aka Othman Njaidi

In sultana Citizen Tv show. Major is mad at Fatima. He bows to every move by Fatima pushing for the marriage between his only son and Dida.

Although this is not supported by Bi Ua, Major doesn’t care about his wife’s opinion and feeling. The two are in total disagreement because of tolerating Fatima in their house.


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