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Magoha defends CBC after Mixed reactions on Havi’s threat to stop

The Education cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha defends the Competency based Curriculum. He rebuked the parents who we claiming that this Curriculum is very expensive.

Dr Magoha spoke today after visiting the County of Bungoma to check on form one admission and turn up percentages.

He however encouraged all stakeholders to swiftly help wave away the 8.4.4 Curriculum since it encouraged exam stealing and malpractices.

The Government is also working to ensure 100% transition. From a global perspective, the push to achieve 100 per cent transition rate from primary to secondary school is meant to give all children free access to 12 years of learning.


Following the shortened academic calendar from 39 weeks to 30 weeks, for the academic year commencing on July 26 to March 4 2022, Magoha says the ministry has revised fees payable by parents.

Government of Kenya will provide a sub subsidy for each learner but in order to meet the cost of boarding, the parents will pay the boarding fees applicable to different categories of schools and location.

LSK President Nelson Havi Threats to file a petition against CBC

The Law Society Of Kenya President Nelson Havi has also come out boldly over the education matters. He says education system in Kenya should not be the most expensive, inefficient and ineffective thing in the country.

“I have heard your cries parents, guardians and teachers. The petition challenging CBC will be filed in Court next week. The education system in Kenya should not be an expensive, inefficient and ineffective experiment with our children and their future as is our leadership. ^DoS”

He posted on Twitter

Twitter post Reactions

1. Dnt pick on this case to please particular groups. CBC is a well thought initiative and is way better than 8-4-4 but as it were humans hate change. And in this case teachers want easy work, the traditional teaching methodology, thts why they hate CBC. Let them try IB or IGCSE.

2. Teachers know what they are doing, they won’t say a word bt they hv sent a heap of work fr one evening and parents will complain on their behalf. My std 5 niece came home for a 3 day half term break with 4 projects and 7 written assignments. A doll,a scarecrow,a windvane, a card

3. Am a teacher and parent. 844 is not good. CBC can only be improved to make it more better but 844 was just not good. It was bad

4. Suppose the practical lessons; Art, craft, homescience, music, practical Agriculture &, perhaps now technology were returned to 8.4.4. Suppose practical testing was reintroduced to the systems, to final exam level, mwalimu?
Or, what exactly do you see in CBC?

5. The previous cs Amina Moha was opposed to this CBC ,.It can’t be parents to be doing assignment for children,spending beyond what they have,there is no infrastructure country wide for uniform CBC now they are planning to merge primary schools to be used for junior secondary

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