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Maandamano Tuesday: Freedom turns Ugly During the Azimio Demonstrations

Kenyans enjoy the freedom of converging, picketing, demonstrating, protesting, and expressions. This is as directed by the nations constitution.

Kenyan politicians affiliated to the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition have been using this freedom to protest to express their views to the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

Having urged Kenyans to turn up on Tuesday and escort the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leaders to the key offices as they deliver their detailed demand letters, supporters received call to action positively.

In Nairobi, protests have been witnessed in major parts that support Azimio’s agenda. Having cried for the freedom and forced for it, Azimio supporters in some regions have been reported to misuse the freedom as accorded by the Constitution and as promised by Azimio leaders to be specific Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga to be peaceful.


In regions like Kibra, which is the “bedroom for Raila Odinga” protesters, have jeopardised the transport sector after blocking and lighting bonfire on the highways. The key question is “is this what they call peaceful demonstration?

It will be an expression of fear if I say it was peaceful and freedom well utilised.

Check this, Stone-throwing goons burn trailer heading to Uganda near Langata on Southern Bypass. This is pure destruction of people’s property on broad daylight.

The driver of the burnt, and lorry explains how he escaped the whole ugly scene, but the funniest part of it is that he is a victim of Police try to face out protesters.

Property has been destroyed on Maandamano Tuesday. In another instance, a bus is burnt down, and people robbed. Some Azimio supporters call this stage management, although no one has confirmed it. Truth be told, whatever the circumstances, no property was to be destroyed.

The bus before being burnt down.

“Someone has decided to set a bus on fire along Ngong road on your way to Nairobi CBD. We said today we will have peaceful demonstrations. Who is who is trying to make it look like it is not peaceful protests?. Alinur Mohamed posts after a vehicle has been burnt by goons.

More on Destructions and loses on Maandamano Tuesday to follow.

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