M-Kopa tops in the Market after introducing Samsung A22s Phone on 70Ksh Lipa Mdogo Mdogo daily platform

M-Kopa services Kenya is a Kenyan Lending company to help kick out Analogue life and welcome the Digital 21st Century. As life keeps in changing People are supposed to adjust to the current in order to suit the needs of the society.

One of the fastest growing platform is the digital sector. Every kind of daily life is linked to the current digital life in order to make life simpler and better. Many businesses are running through the online channels and only accessible to those who own Smartphones, laptops and digital Televisions.

As the demand for digital gadgets increases the market prices also keep on hiking each and every minute. In Kenya to acquire a smartphone that will best suit your needs one must have atleast 6 thousands Kenyan shillings which is so hard for a common Mwananchi “Hustler.

This has also been hijacked by the fake phone makers who pretend to solve the people’s problems. Fake phones carrying the big brand names with very low prices of almost 2 Thousands has costed the business sector alot. Only to wave the Analogue Life out in a smooth way M-Kopa company partnering with Safaricom has come to its rescue.

Now one can be able to own a digital product without any struggle whatsoever. A Kenyan Citizen can now own a phone worth 37,000Ksh even if he or she doesn’t have the cash. This is move that is widely appreciated in the Country making Safaricom and M-Kopa top the business chart the year 2021 and suspected to retain the same position come the year 2022.

With M-Kopa company, any citizen is eligible to own a Samsung A22s so long as he or she is a Kenyan Citizen above 18 Years of age and has a Kenyan National Identification Card. They make it easy for one to acquire the phone by only making a deposit to secure the Product loan. After one is given the phone he is only allowed to use it after making a daily payment which is not so hard for a person who earns daily income however small it is.

Many Kenyans have embraced the program saying it has enabled them to own smart Phones something they had been dreaming for a long time. Some can now order goods for their businesses online while other small businesses workers can advertise their products through popular social media ie Facebook and Twitter. This has improved the living standards of a common Citizen.

Other Products offered by M-Kopa include:

Other Products offered by M-Kopa

M-Kopa has also extended their networking skills to other countries including

  1. Kenya
  2. Ghana
  3. Nigeria
  4. Uganda
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