Liwi Hausa is completely in love with Maria. The 2 once quarrelled over Maria stay at Hausas family. But this time round the two are seen spending time together and pain each other visits at Maria’s house. When William send Victor to go and inspect the construction he finds Luwi at Maria’s House.

Maria welcomes Victor at her house and invites Luwi who was preparing a meal to make his brother comfortable at the same time he lays the table for him.

Victor is not happy since he also has some love feeling for Maria. His mood swings and it shows that he is not happy at all. Vanessa also arrives with her fiance Sailas. The two are happy than before and enjoying life love after their father accorded it and give him a go ahead so long as he does not make his daughter cry or unhappy even for a single moment.

when they go back home Victor report the whole scenario to Vicky their who thought all of them had gone out for an important issue outside the compound or rather the family issue. She is totally sad with the report which makes him walk away end William also becomes unhappy with Silas report. He may have wished that Silas doesn’t report it.

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