Zora Citizen Tv Show circulating on the main Theme of Love depicts in each episode. Madiba Love triangle widens beyond his recognition after another character opens her deep secret.

Talia who came from in bitterness to revenge the death of her sister falls into love. She expresses this in Zora Citizen Tv show 18th January 2022. Talia after asking his father Boaz for permission to go out promises her father not to cause any trouble.

She visits the grave yard where the body of Alma is laid to rest. Talia speak to the grave of Alma informing her about the love news. Shocking the audience and we believe even Alma is shocked in the grave spills the man she is in love with. That is Madiba.

On the other side Madiba is not aware of this. Madiba has been on the run to fight for the love of his life Zora. He fails in the process after the path he calls fight for love is closed. Son of Zalena decides to fall back to Nana proposing to her with a ring. To make matters more important he takes Nana to his Auntie Loretta in hospital where they undergo an Ultrasound and later vows not to follow Zora.

Madiba further embraces Zalena. He brings Nana home where he reintroduces her to the family. But this move doest happen to be the right one. His brother Kwame had realised that. Kwame looks Madiba directly into his eyes and tells him the truth about his wife.

“Madiba why, I know your heart. You do not love Nana.” He speaks. Madiba ignores this urging that time will tell. We can’t wait to update Zora citizen tv 19th January 2022 where we will experience fresh twists in the love matter. In the Latest show we will find out how Talia will play safe not to cause more trouble.

In Zora Citizen Tv 20th January 2022, the show heats up After Zora too vows to fight for his love. But the more heart broken Character will be Fellah who we really know can’t fall for Loretta any more. But what is Love. Even if she comes out lame but still loves Fellah then time will also tell.

Get Tambua Africa updates on Zora Citizen Tv 21st January 2022. We also cover the Acting Auditions and jobs at Citizen Tv not excluding news and politics.

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