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List of Best Luhya Comedians making Millions of Money (Western region)

Comedy in the country is one of the most loved art across the nation. It ranks among the Booming and top paying sectors in the Entertainment industry. Comedy has fished out many Youths from the most vulnerable and poor families to famous rich citizen in the country.

Just to mention Churchill Show being one of the biggest platform for the laugh industry discovered and developed many talents in the country.

Majoring on the region Western part of Kenya has not been left behind. We come across men and gentlemen who can crack your ribs whenever they step on the podium. They incorporate the Luhya accent just to make their art spicy and memorable.

List of the Best Luhya Comedian from Western part of Kenya.

1. CHOFFURI lifestyle, Wife and children

Choffuri is a Comedian who manipulates his talent in all platforms and in all forms. Through his latest episodes on comedy he also makes YouTube videos both short movies and musical. He mostly uses the Bukusu language.


2. Mulamwah wife, Salary and biography

Mulamwah is also another exclusively talented artist. He takes his comedies nationally hence using the language that is heard by many (KISWAHILI). The super talented young Comedian lives a controversial life where no one ever understands the seriousness in the woes that he comes across in his real life. Recently he posted dumping his wife and replacing her with another one the very same day.

3. Nakhumicha

4. The Musalia Mudambi

5. Miheso

6. Mc Tonde

7. Mtumishi na Mchungaji

8. Smart Joker

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