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  1. Stop punishing your child in public; it kills his or her self-esteem, making it difficult/impossible for them to come out in the future. Learn to build up your child’s self-esteem.
  2. Do not throw nasty words to your child; remember the power of life and death are in the tongue, and good cannot come out of bad. Speak life to your children, they are not animals, they are human (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); beings.
  3. Stop comparing your children with the neighbor’s children, instead teach them how to behave the way you want them to.
  4. Teach your children how to cook, mothers this’s your work, do not let them struggle on their own; that’s why you’re there to help.
  5. Buy clothes for your children. Surprise your children once in a while, even with something that doesn’t fit well, after that go shopping together. Stop complaining about the kind of clothes they wear yet you never buy them any.
  6. Teach them how to pray; your children need God in their life.
    7.Teach them how to do other house chores like cleaning, even spreading the bed; it’s necessary.
    8.If you have a four year old kid/below, teach them how to brush their teeth. Do it for him today; let him do it tomorrow. Do not stop, until he can do it on his own.
  7. Check their homework everyday. Don’t leave everything out for the school teacher; you’re the best teacher they could ever have.
  8. Finally, pray for your children.They need God’s coverage to overcome challenges and stay safe.

May the Almighty God make you a good parent, a blessing to your family, and a blessing to the world. Your children need you; not your relatives; YOU.

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