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KYEOP outweigh Kazi Mtaani in giving empty promises to Kenyan Youth

Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities (KYEOP) and Kazi Mtaani are both government projects.


KYEOP is an initiative that trains Kenya Youth to aquire important skills that can create self employment. It also empowers the Youth with Business grands for them to start Business that can help sustain their lives and create job opportunities to other citizens.

The groups of Youths are placed into cycles where it all started from Cycle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The latest grand disbursement awaited for is for Cycle 7 applicants. It has now hit the 7th month from the initial application date in 2021. Youths have stated to loose hope in the whole process.


Kazi Mtaani

Same to KYEOP is Kazi Mtaani program. Kazi Mtaani was proposed by the president to help the vulnerable Youths during the Covid-19 pandemic error.

Kazi Mtaani major aim was to employ youths to help in cleaning and sanitation of the urban setting. The program under State Department for Housing and Urban Development was to pay its employees on weekly basis.

Kazi mtaani Phase 3 has also taken long since the online application process was completed in 2021. Kenyan Youths who submitted their interest have been left in darkness knowing when the Kazi Mtaani will start.

  1. No Shortlisted Candidates
  2. No communication to the successful candidates
  3. No open gazetted date on when Kazi Mtaani will begin.

The two government organs have failed Kenyan Youths after offering empty promises.

Kazi Mtaani Candidates have however not lost hope calling on Hon Charles Hinga Mwaura to be open and restore the process.

Final Say

Kazi Mtaani and KYEOP are both positive initiatives that may change the phase of the country. First it will help improve on the living standards by creating Jobs to the youths. Secondly Kazi Mtaani and KYEOP will improve the health status of the Nation as sanitation takes place urban centres.

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