As zora a Citizen tv Tele Novella continues episode after episode, things worsen on daily updates. Today in a Tomorrow’s episode we come across Kwame and Yolah not in agreement.

The argument comes after Kwame transferred his shares to Madiba’s children. He brakes the silence and pours to the round table where information reached the key subjects Auntie Loretta, Madiba and Yolah herself.

Yolah goes crazy a thing that forces Loretta to take Kwame for a medical confirmation. The medical report proves Kwame as impotent.

Zalena too joins the whole group at the hospital and witnesses what the doctor had given out. This gives Yolah a hard time to explain whose child she may be carrying.

On the other side of the show, we also get Mzee Simba in a total love with Mama Zora. The two feed each other as they fail to recognise Mzee Simba’s Friends.

Talia too is instructed by her father to leave the country for her safety. Will she Fly abroad or will she be in to support her father for revenge.

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