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KPSEA, KCPE exams begin Monday with caution to Candidates, Invigilators and Supervisors

Grade 6 as well as Class 8 candidates are set to sit for the National examinations.

Grade 6 – KPSEA 2022

Grade six the first class to sit for the National examinations begins its Kenya Primary School Education Assessment popular KPSEA on 28th November 2022.

This is the first class to be examined under the new Curriculum (CBC). After the Assessment the candidate shall be placed in Junior Secondary grade 7 if the Ministry will resolve to have them transition to Secondary schools.

On day one, the candidates are scheduled to roll pages of Mathematics and English papers as the rest remain locked under high security in the Education office containers.


Class 8 – KCPE 2022

On the same days, KCPE candidates will also sit for their KCPE Examination as scheduled.

Class 8 candidates will be examined in Mathematics and English papers. After the examination the students will be placed in Secondary schools to continue with their basics education in Form 1. This is the second last class to do a National Examination under the Old 8.4.4 curriculum.

Rules to govern KPSEA and KCPE Examination process

1. All learners shall be frisked to ensure they do not carry any written material to the examination room.

2. No Candidate will be allowed to have a mobile phone in the Examination Centre.

3. All Supervisor should leave their Mobile phones out of the examination room. Ie the phones should be left with the Centre Managers.

4. Supervisors can only use their phones in offices incase of an emergency.

5. Security personnel are allowed to keep their phones but not allowed to enter examination rooms with the gadgets.

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