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Konnect Party show by Clemmo and Mwende at Radio Maisha – #TBT

Clemmo the Radio Maisha presenter during the Konnect Party show paused a question to his fans that kept Kenyans talking. We as Tambua Africa have analysed and seen how prepared people used to be come the Christmas Celebrations.

He asked the fans to share their opinions on which things that should be available for Christmas Celebrations to be enjoyable. This is a Kiswahili discussion and below are some of the reactions.

Facebook page reactions

Vitu gani ilikua lazima viwe ndo xmas ibambe?….

1. Ali Moustapha: Bora uvae nguo ya 50 CENT Na upige shave ya RONALDO mambo ilikuwa tuu Sawa . Kakamega massive Full locked.

2. Hellen Wamoyo: Waluhya tupaka nyumba mchanga red alafu tunaeka skirt ya white…the tunaandika HAPPY NEW YEAR,FEELINGA FREE,FEELANGA MOS MOS ..Waluhya mpo


3. Mutati: This time round nitakuwa macho wadau kwani unga ya 1kg inavaa kutoa chapati gapi? Last Christmas kuna pahali nilichenzwa but hii naona nikimfukuza

4. Johntez: Tuli kuwa tuna koroga juice cola then tuna weka kwa chupa za plastic tuna enda ketembea Luanda kwa soko alafu jioni narudi Kaa nime buy calendar ya Man united

From the responses it is evident the passed celebrations used to be honoured compared to the 21st century. The celebrations couldn’t make any meaningful sense if there was no new clothes, no juice, and Chapati.

Compared to the recent, the life style has made life so expensive forcing people to adjust by all means to save a coin for the next date.

Numbers in Nairobi

Traffic Jam was recently experienced in Nairobi Town indicating how Kenyans were travelling to their ancestral lands for Christmas. Although travelling was high but Nairobi is still packed. Most of the people have chosen not to travel because of the increased transport cost. It should also be noted the education calendar has locked many since the schools have to resume in one weeks time.

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