Kingkaka Releases a new Banger Tagged Manifest.

This just comes after the Wajinga Nyinyi hit maker had posted a photo of him in hospital. This is just a summary of the story he wishes to tell if full. Just because of space and mode he made it short through a song. He starts by explaining that he is the one in the photo. The photo he took while in hospital admitted.

He says it’s been 2 days after his hip bone was drilled just to get the bone marrow sample.

King Kaka on Facebook Post

“(GRAPHIC IMAGE) That’s me , still can’t believe it. 2days after I was admitted and they had just finished drilling on my hip bone for a bone marrow sample. I was in between worlds fighting to see my family once more. I would force my last smile when Nana & Moms visited but truth is the nights got darker and I would be back in the ring with life.”

It’s a feeling and place you can’t put in words
Nights when the devil threw in a few suggestions but the light got stronger for me to listen.

Not yet out of the woods but I’ve just realized that waking up is a Blessing , are you able to eat? that’s a blessing. You have a support system? That’s a blessing.
Very thankful to Dr. Adil, Dr. Stanley & Dr. Aggrey .
Very thankful to the amazing nurses Wanjiku, Vio, Chacha, Peter and the rest.

Moms Asante , Nana you are a gem, Deno, Kenny, and my close friends. My bros and everyone who came to visit. All the fans who don’t know me personally but said a prayer.

One day I will tell the full story but as of now I have summarized it in a song. I know we have different struggles, I hope that this song revamps the little hope and light left in you. You have a destiny and God has a plan for you.” Quoted

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