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Killer Boy: Masten Wanjala’s Father rises mixed social media reactions


Masten Wanjala’s father today calls the government to chip in and assist in barring his boy. Masten Wanjala is a killer boy who killed young girls.

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1. Same r criticising wanjala action of killin innocent kinds, lets not be dumped wit such action you never know what evil spirit that hv envented into wanjala’s soul, each and every parents had known masten future itakuwa hivyo they could hv killed him early lkn hiyo ilikuwa plans ya satan, hata wewe mwenye unakasifu hilo tendo la wanjala kuua ilihali pia wewe ulijukua mawe ukampiga wanjala hadi akafa*tafakari hayo

2. Yaani…… Bringing up a child,and the way its hard,only for him to end up like this??
God plz comfort this man, sure when he’s alone he weeps bitterly. No parent should go thru this kind of pain,may our kids be guided,and make decision that better their lives.
Its so hard being a parent in this current evil world! Eish!

3. Those who are criticising his actions mjue hata ukizaa nyoka lazima unyonyeshe. In his early days he was as innocent as any other kid. If the mother or father wangejua watazaa yeye hawangezaa. They gave birth to a king but he turned to the world. His parents are feeling the pain of their kids death after all the shame he put in their faces. Let’s not be here to judge. He deserves a decent burial and the rest we leave to God

4. For those throwing stones to this mzee…turn that energy into prayers and start praying for your children… kids can dissapoint you no matter how good you can be as a parent ..wanjala died as murderer but he is still mtoto wa huyo mzee and as a parent ata vile alisema hataki kumwona deep down mzee was bleeding ..that mzee needs proper attention otherwise atahadhirika tu sana

5. Those saying his body should be thrown to the forest please be humane for once. If that was your son/brother would you still say the same? He was a killer yes bt he still deserve a decent send off. No parent wishes to have an indisciplined child.

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