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Kilifi Cult: 6 More bodies Exhumed in Shakahola Village

Sunday, 23rd April 2023 – Kilifi Cult Church in Shakahola Village

Police have exhumed 6 more bodies in Kilifi County, Malindi Sub-county Shakahola Village/forest. This brings to a total of 27 bodies exhumed in the region.

The bodies are said to be victims of the hunger for Jesus scandal that is going on. This is a cult linked to a controversial rogue pastor, Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church, who is still in police custody.

The pastor is said to have impacted turf instructions to his followers who were fasting in order to see heaven and meet Jesus Christ. In the event, his followers who died are said to have been buried in mass graves that are currently being exhumed by the police and homicide detectives.

Yesterday, 27 graves were detected in the forest as the probe continues. According to Malindi Sub-county police chief, John Kemboi, more shallow graves have also been detected and are yet to be dug up.


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