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Kenyans React on Raila Odinga’s Twitter Post


Raila Amolo Odinga is a Kenyan Citizen. He is a politician and Orange Democratic Party (ODM) leader.

He is the longest contested presidential candidate in the country Kenya. Raila Odinga is also the founder of HANDSHAKE and Building Bridges Initiative BBI with president Kenyatta.


H.E Raila Amolo Odinga today posted on Twitter sending congratulation messages to Ghana winning leader Akufo-Ado after winning.

“President @NAkufoAddo congratulations for the honor and trust the people of Ghana have bestowed on you by electing you for a second term in office. We celebrate your country and your people for continuing the tradition of peaceful and democratic elections.”


He is experiencing the hit back since he has been a presidential candidate for long. Since Ghana Opposition leader John Mahama accepted defeat, Kenyans also asked Raila to be with the same heart.

Twitter Reactions after Raila Posted

1. If it was in Kenya right now ungekuwa ushaanza blame games.
You also need to accept defeat.
John Mahama has accepted defeat, he’ll not go for constitutional changes but wewe, you’re among the reason we experience PEV.
RAILA AMOLO ODINGA learn to accept defeat.

2. Conceding defeat is one of the best thing to contribute to a peaceful country. The best lesson to learn from there is that: You CONCEDE defeat when you lose, you give a country peace, and hope to win in the next elections. You don’t swear in, and hold a country at RANSOM.

3. You should also congratulate his competitor for accepting defeat. If at all you could have been a genuine leader Kenya could have been having peaceful elections.

4. We also celebrate John mahama for conceeding defeat. We Hope Mr raila learns something from Ghana elections. It doesn’t mean when you are close enough you swear in yourself.

5. This simply mean,,there is no Lord of violence and impunity there,,ingekua Kenya with such a close margin ,your followers wangekua wameanza kuloot people’s properties wakisema no Railla no peace,,,,,

6. Please ensure that you repeat this message as amny times as you visit Kisum. They surely must learn something especially hapo kwa, …”We celebrate your country and your people for continuing the tradition of peaceful and democratic elections”….

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