Kenyans have expressed their impatience after being so quiet for almost a year now. The most loved show on Citizen Tv Zora which started way back in March 2021 can’t be let skip even a single day. This program had been scheduled to air on TV every week day at 7.30 pm for averagely 30 minutes comprising of two episodes per day.

Thereafter the show has an Omnibus on Saturdays at 4PM till 7. The show lovers have just spoken expressing their lowered gratitude towards this schedule. Most have congratulated the talented Actors but urged that thus is a play that should be scheduled to watch every day like any other Citizen Tv Soaps that are continuously aired even on Saturday’s and Sundays.

It should be remembered that after the Friday Episode the Monday full episodes are normally uploaded on Viusasa where those privileged with smartphones and bundles together with subscriptions can only watch.

Citizen Digital platforms

Citizen Tv Digital Live news through their Android app has not also solved all the needs. As encouraged to follow up every program by Royal media, the major suggestions have been to ensure all plays are accessible free of charge since this is what makes them loved.

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