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Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates to know their fate After the Government makes this announcement


Kazi Mtaani Candidates who have made it to the merit Lists to know their fate soon. This will be the final step that will allow the youths start offering their services.

Kazi Mtaani was first rolled out after the outbreak of Covid-19. The major aim of the government was to reduce the hit after the Ministry of Health paralysed many income generating activities to reduce the spread of the virus in the country.

From Phase one Kazi Mtaani phase 2 was rolled out. This is the current group that should be waved out soon giving way for Kazi Mtaani phase 3.

Interested candidates data is already in the governments database. The official application of Phase 3 was done online through the Kazi Mtaani portal. According to the shared data more than 1 Million applications were made.

The process has been crawling too slow having the Youths drop their patience and seek for alternative ways to earn a living.

It was marked that every employee will pockets approximately Ksh 550 shillings a day. This amount is quite good to uplift the living standards of a Kenyan Citizen. Simple calculations show that Kazi Mtaani employee will take home Sh3,300 per week which is approximately Sh13,200 Per month.

After a long period of waiting, Hon Charles Hinga Ps State Department for Housing and Urban Development made an announcement. He said the delay was caused by the legal processes that were to be executed by the National assembly. By then the National assembly processes were on stand still since members of National Assembly were on recess.

He also touched on the issue of funding. Just to make this story short today the government has shown some signs of Kazi mtaani phase three commencing soon.

The Housing Ps announced Kazi Mtaani Project was Extended Until June 2022. This is just few days to June 1st. After this date Kenya Youth will know if they are shortlisted for tye project or not.

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