Kazi Mtaani phase 3 to begin in a weeks time

Kenyan Youths have been urged to remain calm as the government plans to roll out Phase 3. Kazi Mtaani phase 3 candidates final list is in its final process as the program is just about to start.

  1. What is Kazi Mtaani?

    Kazi Mtaani is a government program that was started way back during the Covid-19 error. It was launched in April 2020 to cushion the youth and vulnerable citizens in informal settlements

  2. Is there Kazi Mtaani?

    Yes, Kazi Mtaani is there. The government is yet to roll out Kazi Mtaani Phase 3

  3. When will Kazi Mtaani Phase 3 begin?

    Kazi Mtaani phase 3 begins in May 2022

  4. How do you know if you are selected in Kazi Mtaani?

    To check if you have been shortlisted for Kazi Mtaani,
    visit https://youth.go.ke/kazi-mtaani/.
    click on Menu and then select Opportunity,
    Check out for an updated list regularly.

  5. How much is Kazi Mtaani?

    Kazi Mtaani phase 3 Workers will pocket Ksh550 per day. The money is payed to the respective accounts on weekly basis.

Kazi Mtaani successful candidates will be involved in sanitation of market centers as well as performing other duties assigned. Unlike government workers, The sanitation workers will receive their payments via the Mobile money – M-Pesa.

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