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Kaka of Sultana Citizen Tv Biography, Education and Nationality

Who is Kaka of Sultana?

Kaka is a young handsome looking boy in Sultana Citizen TV. He works for Major Jabali a gardener just like his father Mwanzele and grandfather Maneno. Kaka’s real name is Dennis Humphrey .

He is a Film maker -Film Director, Producer and Writer. The best art that has sold Dennis Humphrey to the international market is writing. He is the founder of Black Tronci Films. He is employed by Jiffy Pictures in Kenya and Big One Entertainment as a writer.

One of the most famous Shows written by Dennis Humphrey is Huba.

What you need to know about Kaka

1. Age

Kaka’s age ranges between 20 – 30 years. He loves acting as he naturally executes the role in the TV series.


2. Education

According to reliable sources, Kaka is a well educated boy pursuing his Tertiary Level Education in University.

3. Marriage / Relationship

Kaka is not yet married but he is dating.

Real Name Dennis Humphrey Nasibu
Role playedKaka
Age20-30 Years
Education LevelUniversity
LocationHe comes from Coastal Region
EmploymentJiffy Pictures, Big One Entertainment
Net WorthHe is approximately $100M
Kaka of Sultana Citizen Tv Biography, Education and Nationality

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