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Kabi wa Jesus Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Parents and Wife

1. Kabi wa Jesus Quick Facts

Who is Kabi wa Jesus?

Kabi wa Jesus I a talented young man. He is a lifestyle, family, and content creator.

Real name?

Kabi wa Jesus real name is Peter Kabi. His tribe is Kikuyu.


Peter Kabi AKA Kabi wa Jesus is 33 years old. He was born 2nd October 1990.


Is Kabi wa Jesus married?

Kabi is married to beautiful, good-looking young, Kenyan lady popular Milly wa Jesus. Her real name is Milly Wambui. She is also a kikuyu and a digital content creator too. The two Wajesus family are blessed with three children.


2. Net Worth

Kabi wa Jesus estimated Networth is approximately 20 million Kenya Shillings. Amongst this, he also has some investments in properties in Kenya.

3. Parents

Kabi and Milly have not yet shared their parents’ details in public.

4. Sister / Family

Kabi wa Jesus sister is said to be Veronica. Contrary to this fact, Kabi wa Jesus on Sunday 25th June abandoned his sister on air.

Content creator Kabi Wa Jesus has taken to social media to publicly disown his sister, Veronica Kabi, who has been spreading information about their family online.

"Kabi, who had previously introduced Veronica as his younger sister during her birthday in July 2020, shared a video on his Instagram stories revealing that they are not biological siblings." Trending Updates 

5. Health Status

Kabi wa Jesus is a healthy 33 years old.

6. Education

He studied film at Kenyatta University.

7. House

He owns an expensive house.

8. Nationality

Kabi is a Kenyan citizen born in Kayole, Nairobi. He is a registered Kenyan citizen.

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