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Junior Secondary School Grade 7 enrolled as Distribution of Learning materials Begin across the Country

Kenya Migosi Primary School in Kisumu County, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Department – KICD Kenya⁩ CEO Professor Ong’ondo Today Monitors the Distribution of Text Books.

The Enrolment process of Grade 7, the first Grade in Junior Secondary School domiciled in Primary Schools begin.

Learners who are expected to start their learning are currently undergoing preparations as final touches to kick start the learning is done by the government.

Today, books have been dispatched to relevant schools in readiness for the learning materials. Migosi Primary School in Kisumu County has been one of the lucky institution after receiving a pile of books. The delivery was witnessed by the KICD CEO Professor Ong’ondo.

He also took some few minutes in class with the learners where he taught one lesson. It is noted that he is also experienced in teaching since he has been a teacher for a long period of time.


“Once a teacher always a teacher. ⁦KICD Kenya⁩ CEO Charles Ong’ondo today returned to classroom at Migosi Primary School, Kisumu County, where he took just joined Junior Secondary School learners through a session. Prof Ong’ondo was monitoring the distribution of text books.” Tweet Reads.

Junior Secondary Subjects according to the CBC Curriculum

Learners in Junior Secondary are expected to learn the following Subjects:

Junior Secondary Compulsory Subjects

1. English
2. Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for learners who are deaf
3. Mathematics
4. Integrated Science
5. Health Education
6. Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education
7. Social Studies
8. Religious Education – learners choose one of the following:
a) Christian Religious Education
b) Islamic Religious Education
c) Hindu Religious Education
9. Business Studies
10. Agriculture
11. Life Skills Education
12. Sports and Physical Education

Junior Secondary Subjects: OPTIONAL SUBJECTS (Minimum 1, Maximum 2)

1. Visual Arts
2. Performing Arts
3. Home Science
4. Computer Science
5. Foreign Languages:
6. German
7. French
8. Mandarin
9. Arabic
10. Indigenous Languages
11. Kenyan Sign Language

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