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Joe Biden widens the lead against Donald Trump – American presidential elections

Joe Biden has expressed his confidence in the ongoing tallying process in America. He showed confidence in winning the elections as he widens the gap in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Remember in America for one to be declared the presidential election winner, he or she must have gathered 270 or more state votes.

He clearly states that Tallies that are being made are not just numbers but they represent Voters votes.

“Tallies aren’t just numbers — they represent votes. Across America, men and women have exercised their fundamental right to have their voices heard.” He posted on Facebook

“What is becoming clearer each hour is that record numbers of Americans — from all races, faiths, religions — chose change over more of the same. The process will work out as we count all the votes. Your vote will be counted.” Biden said


However Trump has appeared to have many questions about the whole election process has also been using the social media platform to Express himself.

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