Jj – In Sultana Citizen Tv show is madly in love with Sultana (Mwanaasha Johari). From the first time he came across the poor blind girl, he has never had sleep. Jj in full Jabali Junior is the son to Major Jabali. He swore by himself to Sultana that a day cannot end with no see.

Jj also said when he sees Sultana, he just feels good.

Recently in the show, Kokan who is a big rival to Jj had removed the love ring from Sultana’s finger. The ring was placed by Jabali Junior as a sign of his love to her.

The two had gone to an extent of visiting the Office of marriage registrar in order to legalize their relationship since Major himself is against their togetherness.

Major Jabali is against the two marrying each other since he wants Jj to marry Dida the daughter to Fatima and Buya.

After Jj got information that Kokan had removed the ring, he fearlessly goes for it at his home. By good chance he gets support from Buya.

To cut the whole narrative short, In Sultana Citizen Tv, Jj has once again proposed to Sultana. While seated at the sea shores, Jj asks Sultana, “Sultana will you marry me?”

Sultana receives the proposal positively giving a positive “YES” answer meaning she has accepted to be married by Jj. Without delay Jj returns the ring to her hand.

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