JJ nad Sultana meet at home. He fails to convince Sultana listen to him. Sultana is very much tired with the drama at Jj’s home. After going missing for the whole day, Bi Salama is crazy at Kokan and plans to go and show him fire. By good luck Kokan comes on time and explains where he knows Sultana is exaggerating everything.

Coincidentally Sada calls and informs Salama on what Sultana has done for their family.

At the same time, Kokan receives a call from Babu claiming he has failed the plan. This clearly shows that there is a deal to attack Major Jabali.

“Mnafanya nini. Muda umefika hamuonekani. Kilakitu kitafanyika jinsi kilivyopangwa. Bakini huko.”

Dida comes back. She is disturbed with what is going on. After being asked by Major Jabali on why she is acting that way, she fails to answer in return she gives her mother posters about her lost father.

“Badala ya kuzika migomba ni hiki ungelikuwa unafanya kuhusu mumeo.”

More to come,,,

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