Jj denies his father in Sultana Citizen Tv 16th September 2022. The only heir to Jabali’s wealth has now turned the war against his father after realising the whole village ia not happy about his dad.

Jabali Junior requests his father to forget about him since he has no interest in the wealth. He should also forget having a child incase something bad happens to his lover Sultana.

As Sultana Citizen Tv 16th September 2022 begins, Jabali Junior is seen to be very angry with his father.

Jabali Junior quarrels his father Major Jabali

He even goes beyond respect being ready to fight with his father. This disagreement hiccups arised after Jabali sent goons who hurt Bi Salama.

Major is high opposed to Jj’s relationship with Sultana.

Will Jj Marry Sultana?

Jj will Marry Sultana. In Sultana Citizen Tv show 16th September, Sultana vows Jj is tye only person she is happy and safe with. She also acknowledges Kokan’s help and closeness as a brother but turned to be hostile and gives empty promises.

Sultana also hopes to see in future after tye doctors assurance. This are tye few things that will make Sultana and Jj glued together in future and get married.

She also says she will soon be a wife to Jj and so Kokan should start interacting maturely with her as someone’s wife.

As things unfold in Sultana Citizen Tv show, Kaka also falls for Jabali’s trap. He accepts to work and clean the pool not knowing that this is to put him under 24 hours monitoring.

Major is aware Kaka is the one confusing Dida”s feeling toward his son and he had to deal with him. Bringing him closer might help to monitor his moves.

Major request Bi Salama another baby.

Finally in Sultana Citizen Tv 16th and 19th September 2022, Major Jabali requests Bi Ua to have him another baby. This is after Jj promises to leave and never turn back.

To our opinion, Major might not get an heir to his property. Sultana will in turn take over the property after she will be discovered to be the only child to Major Jabali and Bi Ua.

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