Nana AKA Jackie Matubia is pregnant. Did she get pregnant intentionally in order to suit her role in Zora CitizenTv Today’s Episode?

This is one of her smart moves just to ensure everything is real. In Today’s Episode of Zora, Nana is pregnant under complicated circumstances.

She happened to be in love with Madiba firs then Oliver. Before she had claimed to be carrying Oliver’s child but after too much pressure and calculations she found out to be pregnant of Madiba.

Pretending to be pregnant in a movie is one of the hardest roles to play. You have to appear pregnant for real. People tend to fix some old rags just to enlarge their stomach in the outfit. This is sometimes disappointing incase you have to run and by bad luck they fall off.

Nana In the show may have found it OK with her husband to have her pregnant just to suit the role 100%. This is a good idea since the money acquired from acting can feed and educate the child throughout his or her lifetime.

Nana proved she is pregnant by her self.

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