Zora Citizen Tv 3rd January 2021 Written Updates

Neema lies to Milton

Zora citizen tv show Starts on a high note. Neema after hearing a conversation in the previous episode of 31st December 2021, she finds out a best way to share the information with her friends. Now after failing to share with Hamida on phone and even being blocked, she asks for permission to go out.

She fakes an emergency to rush to the bank. Milton grants her permission with a restriction to be back within one hour. In real sense Neema wasn’t going to the bank. Her permission makes Ogola hesitate opening the gate fir her.

Fellah Calls Nana

Fellah Calls Nana for assistance. He asks her to go take care of Simba. This is because he was in hospital with Zora. Nana is shocked with the information but truly a friend in need is a friend in deed. She promises to do as Fellah wishes since she is the long time friend to Zora. As Nana is having the conversation with Fellah little did she know Madiba was at her door step listening.

Madiba is now informed about Zora’s whereabouts in hospital. He takes the next step to check on her.

Fellah makes another call to the police. He pleads with the police to help in finding out who attack his wife. The police seem to know Fellah well. They promise to help independently but not to share information with Fellah since he may take the law in his hands.

Fellah faces the Doctor to be informed about Zora’s progress and response to medication. Zora passed through much but she is not badly disturbed. The only problem is that she got a miscarriage with minor fractures. Mentally she is recommended a psychiatrist.

Nana arrives At Zora’s House

Unexpectedly Simba receives a visitor Nana. He acts unrest informing Nana that Zora is not yet back.

Aunty Nana, Mum na dad hawako sahii. Huku kimekuwa na drama mingi kuanzia ile time Loretta akuje huku.” Simba stammers.

Madiba Visits Zora in Hospital

Madiba Sneaks into the hospital ward in which Zora is being treated. He finds her alone.

I am so sorry about everything. I am sorry Zora but I need you to fight for your life, fight for your child.” Madiba speaks to unconscious Zora.

He opens up how he loves Zora and how he needs her to be alive. After leaving the room Zora opens her eyes and says,

I love you too. I have never stopped loving you.

Madiba secretly leaves the hospital and manages getting out without being noticed by Fellah.

Fellah Disagrees with Zora in Hospital

Fellah vows whoever was involved must pay for his or her actions. He asks Zora if she remembers who attacked her. She doesn’t remember who they were and their faces but the better thing is that she knows who sent them. This was Loretta.

After hearing this the two break into an argument as Fellah tries to protect Loretta. Zora feels the pain of losing her pregnancy as she yells not being a jocker. This disagreement may lead to twist in their love.

Neema also Arrives at Fellah’s Home and meets Nana.

Neema Arrives and spills the beans. She confesses how she heard Loretta discussing if Zora got a miscarriage. Nana and Simba are crazy about the information. They give Fellah a call. After Fellah gets the information from Neema, he now believes what Zora was trying to imply.

He tries to lower his thoughts towards Zora’s information but Zora doesn’t welcome it. He also tries to beg her not to open the relationship with Loretta to her father. By bad luck the old man has already heard the two urging on top of their voices.

Neema gets a superb Slap from Nana

After Neema tries to interrogate Nana’s passed controversial relationship and Pregnancy, she touches a point on how the pregnancy news shocked many. This doesn’t sound good driving her angrier. Neema is slapped and asked to walk out.

We expect more to happen as we promise to have you updated on Zora Citizen tv 4th January 2022 full episode.

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