Residents and sugarcane farmers in Kakamega have expressed their woes after the Sarrai Firm win to take over Mumias Sugar Company. Tambua Africa also conducted a series of surveys to confirm the truth in the most important part of Mumias issues shared by social media users.

The first User said anytime he thinks about Mumias Sugar, tears fall off his eyes. This is because as he grew up, it was the dream company to work in.

Booker academy, AFC Leopards, Mumias sports complex not forgetting those farmers who had invested in canes also suffered the blow after the Company got crippled.

The residents who could have been the first beneficiaries from the company claim to be languishing in poverty. The company happens to have left members Jobless and Farmers still in thoughts of frustrations caused by the Sugar Company before.

How will the Mumias Sugar Company takeover affect sugarcane farmers in the western region? Will things change for the better or the worse?

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