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Zora Citizen Tv 17th January 2021 Written Updates

Part 1

Zalena at the hospital discourages her son Madiba not to think about Zora anymore.

At Fellah’s Home Zora tries to cool down Fellah. He accuses her of hitting Loretta not using common sense. He asks if she was aware of the CCTv Camera’s.

Kwame vows to be by Loretta’s side despite their state. He reviews how people have humiliated him because of impotence.

“We are in this together aunty na sitawahi kuachilia.” Kwame still has the faith God loves him with his impotence nature.

Fellah and Zora quarreling on top of their Voice not knowing their mother Zora’s Mother is at the door. After hearing this she enters with good news that calms the tension. She opens up her involvement in hitting Loretta and ready to go in jail incase of anything.

“Hakuna haja ya kugombana, Chenye mnagombania ni mimi nilisababisha na niko tayari kuenda jela.” She speaks.

Oscar Thanks Loretta

Oscar Thanks Zalena for being with him in hospital together with her family. However he requests him to stay back in hospital with Loretta as he rushes to the house for refreshment. At first she is hesitant but later accepts.

At Home Neema tries to investigate Ogola. She tricks him to lend his phone so that she makes a call to her family members in Mombasa.

Zora Citizen Tv part 2

Neema checks Ogola’s phone but her major objective was to find out the information about the photos he was taking in Zalena’s Room. By bad luck she finds nothing tangible. Neema flashbacks how she eye witnessed Ogola secretly accessing her bosses master bedroom.

Zora reconciles with her mother.

After Mam Zora’s vow, Zora Visits her and asks for forgiveness. In the event Mama Zora her self asks for forgiveness from her daughter.

“Wa kuomba mshamaha ni mimi. Mimi ndio chanzo cha maisha mabaya umekuwa ukiishi. Kutoka rohoni mwangu naomba unisamehe. Notafanya chochote kuona ndoa yako na Fellah haijavunjika.” She speaks

Milton Disagrees with his father in Zora Citizen Tv 17th January 2022 Full Episode

Milton in bitterness is seen leaving the compound with all his belongings. He meets Oscar at the gate but they badly disagree. Milton claims Oscar is still quiet as he is staying in the Servant Quarters and claiming to be his father.


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