when will sultana end?

Sultana Citizen Tv show ends the year 2023.

Indicators show the end of sultana citizen tv show as fans wait for season finale.

Kenyans who are always glued to the TV at 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm have no choice but to let Sultana Citizen Tv show end.

How sultana will end

Some of the indicators that the most loved show is about to hit the last nail are the deaths. It should be noted that in literature, the best way to exit the play is by dying.

One, Mr. Buya whose real name is Patrick Owino is the first to exit. He was killed in the show by goons send by his wife Fatima.

Two, Maneno is the next to leave the play. He was shot by Major Jabali as they were protesting against unfair treatment by retirement Major Jabali and his family.

This is happening just like in the previous Shows Maria and Zora. This is exactly how the Shows have been ending to pave way for the next Show on Citizen tv show after Sultana.

Sultana season finale

Tambua.africa will keep on updating on when and how Sultana Citizen Tv will end as well as its season Finale.

Top trending topics about the end of Sultana Citizen Tv.

How will sultana citizen tv end

When is sultana ending

End of sultana

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