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How Sultana Citizen TV Show Will End – Season Finale – Opinion

About Sultana Citizen Tv Show

Sultana citizen TV is a storyline revolving around a blind girl who was born and switched at birth. The family she was born in was a royal family but the kind of life she lives is that of poverty.

Sultana in the show is the biological daughter to Major Jabali and Bi Ua. Contrary to her parenting, she was brought up by the Mid-wife Bi Salama who kept he secret tight to herself.

She was switched because Major Jabali always yearned to get a boy who will inherit his property.

When will sultana Citizen tv show end

Sultana Citizen Tv Drama Series started on 7th March 2022. Sultana citizen Tv Show might end the year 2023.


How will Sultana Citizen Tv end?

There are some key things that will happen in Siltana Citizen Tv show before it comes to an end. First, Sultana will know who her biological parents are. She will know that Major Jabali and Bi Ua are her real parents. Second Jj will trace and reach his family. This will come after he knows the truth that he is not the biological son to Major.

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