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How Melvin Thogo used over 400K to win her bid as president University of Nairobi

Melvin Thogo is the current President of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA). She is a third year student at University of Nairobi, School of law.

Melvin Thogo used over four hundred thousands Kenya shillings (Ksh 400K) during her campaign. The amount was used to facilitate her transport and that of the enter supporting team. She also had cater for their feeding and accommodation incase they travelled to other campuses.

Melvin Thogo opened up all this while on a Radio interview at Radio Maisha. She was hosted by Mwashumbe who runs the Maisha asubuhi show. Melvin Thogo raised the money from friends, family and other team members.

According to her statement no politician invested in her campaign. Although they have interest for her support, talks are underway and she will announce her position following over 600K University students interest across the country.

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Thogo says she was elected to serve University of Nairobi Students and not government politicians. However she will support a leader who put the Students interest first for example assuring easiness in HELB LOAN processes.

Melvin Thogo promises a big change in the next 6 months of her leadership. She promises Mwashumbe of radio Maisha to deliver her manifesto within a short time.

“Thanks for hosting me. Call me back in the next 6 months and I will share my achievements.”

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