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How Blogger Robert Alai will transform Nyando Constituency – Kisumu County if Elected Member of Parliament

Blogger Rober Alai has now openly disclosed his political interest. After Tambua Africa scrutinising the shared Manifesto Alai aims to improve Nyando Constituency once elected as Member Of Parliament. Bellow is a short description about Robert Alai.

Tell us Who is Robert Alai?

My name is Robert Alai Onyango. I am a proud son of Nyando. I was born at The New Nyanza (Russia) Hospital in the then Kisumu District Hospital more than forty years ago. I come from a large family with more than 24 siblings. From the onset, duty, service and culture was key.

I have carried these to my adulthood and now to the politics of the day. My background has fed into my dream for a better future. Years ago, while growing up right here, I learnt that it is neither the critic that counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or whether the doer of deeds could have done them better—rather, the credit belongs to the man in the arena. Our arena is our constituency; our Nyando.

It is not always easy to pull oneself up when you have absolutely nothing to hang on to, yet, somehow, I did. As a JaNyando, I represent the many among us who try to
change the world by first showing that we can change ourselves.


What aspirations do you have for Nyando?

I aspire to inspire. I seek to transform our constituency from within. We have the tools and together, we can create a new Nyando. We can build Nyando Manyien for posterity.

Why on ODM ticket?

ODM party’s main mission is a democratic, socially just, united, and prosperous modern Kenya where citizens enjoy equal political, economic, and socio-cultural rights.

ODM is the only party which has envisaged a country free of corruption and where political and economic power is vested in the people.
With an inspirational leader like Raila Amolo Odinga, ODM is the right home for those who cherish a corruption free and democratic country which offers everyone a fair opportunity not based on their ethnicity,
relations, sexual orientation or money they have to offer in return.

Raila Amolo Odinga was jailed for a period close to a whole decade so that we can disagree but also understand that we can still sit on the same table.

ODM under Raila Odinga is the home of corruption loathing democrats. With such inspirational ideals, I doubt if there is a better political home in Kenya away from ODM.

Whether I win or lose, ODM will remain a party close to my heart. This party has been built by the sacrifices, determination and resilience of common democrats paid nothing but soldiering on for decades to ensure that the journey to Canaan is finished.
I can only be in ODM

What is your Manifesto?

I have a comprehensive Manifesto that can be accessed and read anytime time of the day.

How Blogger Robert Alai’s will transform Nyando Constituency – Kisumu County if Elected Member of Parliament is also included in the Manifesto.

You can find my manifesto through this link

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