Angry Madiba

Mama Zora’s claim

Loretta distances herself from Msma Zora’s claims. Mama Zora after visiting her daughter in hospital and hears about the bad news, she flies with anger to Oliver’s home.

She faces Loretta who rejects the claims as Milton witnesses. Although Milton doesn’t believe Loretta now after she had vowed not to loose Fellah. Loretta also Denies being in love with Fellah as stated Milton.

Madiba forces Loretta to speak the truth.

Madiba the always known to be calm man disapproves Loretta. This time he doesn’t care the relationship the two had before. He holds Loretta on the neck asking her the reason why she had to attack Zora. Madiba loves Zora in that he cannot allow anyone to harm her.

After being so violent, Loretta decides to open up. She says it was for their own good. She even says Madiba can now get Zora after loosing her pregnancy.

In Zora Citizen Tv show we also come across Madiba playing safe to notify Neema about Ogola. He fakes carrying her as he shouts but when the two get out of the mansion he tells Neema Ogola is truly a police.

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