Zora Citizen Tv Show Analysis.

Zora a Citizen TV famous Show has been beating up time towards its climax. As literature goes a play may end either leaving readers or viewers in dilemma. This is why she Show lovers never and cannot afford missing even a single episode un-followed.

Incase one misses the show he or she strives so much to catch up by either viewing on YouTube, Viusasa or following the written updates by Tambua Africa.

The show tends to be eye catching just to mention, it has put Kenyans on toes when ever it’s time to go back home. They time themselves not to miss out the show after Nipashe News usually 7.30 to 8.10pm.

Does Zora add any moral values in the society

From the information gathered, many have been gaining much from the show. Just like we have said before Zora is a mirror that is really and widely implication what is happening in the society. We come across different characters carrying different roles that show up what is really happening in real life.

Talk of Zora her self, we fearlessly relate her with women of strong stand but emotionless. It is clearly evident that we have such like characters in the society.

We can also look at Fellah the stubborn rich people in the society who use money to make things workout the way they want be it wrong or right. But to the finishing we can attest that all characters that are bad can also be changed.

Zora Citizen Tv show should be rated PG – Parental Guidance advised.

My opinions have been that the show doesn’t contain explicit material but requires Parental Guidance in the house. We come across scenes where it it not very OK for children viewing alone without Parental explanation. Just to highlight Fellah killed Madiba’s father Gerald. It is to be explained to children below the age of 15 that killing is bad and can lead to death sentence if one is confirmed guilty.

How Actors exit Acting in the show.

Many Actors in the show are committed to different responsibilities. We have Actors who are still Primary school students like Simba, pipi, Lilah and Filah. They still have to continue with education. We also have University students who still continue with their studies. Other Actors have different responsibilities both in the society and in their families.

Whenever they are acting, Actors plan their schedule to find out that acting. But we have situations where the Actors just have to make a decision to exit the acting. This can happen when one is scheduled to seat for an examination at school, travel abroad, Secured a full-time job opportunity, burnt from appearing on any Television, Jailed or with any other reason just not to act any more or resume later.

Below are some of the things that Actors can do just to keep viewers unaware of their whereabouts.

1. Death in Zora citizen tv show.

An actor can decide to die in order not to continue acting. This is seen in Zora show as Alma died, Mr Gerald was killed so he can’t act anymore. We also come across Mr Chibale being killed, latest we see Yolah dying after having a miscarriage.

2. Being arrested

An actor can also plan for an arrest in the show where by he or she is given a break to sort some issues and resurfa later.

3. Getting lost in the show.

A role player can also plan a hijack in the show where he or she is taken to unknown place. This also becomes a decision to the role player on when to come back.

Zora Citizen Tv Actors Salaries and the Highest earning role player

Although it is hard to disclose the Salaries by the Actors themselves, but sources have revealed indicating the lowest earning character pockets 150,000/= per month as the Highest is still hidden. But from my own analysis I came to discover that Zora is the highest paid Role in the show.

Zora Citizen Tv Characters roles and their real names you never new

1. Zora – Main Character

Real Names –

2. Madiba

Real Names –

3. Yolah

Real Names –

4. Kwame

Real Name – Quincy Rapando

5. Zalena

Real Names –

6. Lilah

Real Names –

7. Filah

Real Names –

8. Mzee Simba

Real Names –

9. Simba

Real Names – Ryan Mwenda

10. Fellah

Real Name – Robert Agengo

11. Alma

Real Name – Brenda Mitchell

12. Nana

Real Name – Jackie Matubia

13. Oscar

Real Name – Patrick Gatimu

14. Neema

Real Name – Neema Sulubu

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