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Housing Levy Kenya: Opposition says the Bill is going nowhere

As the National Assembly resumes its sitting, the biggest discussion awaiting the legislatures is the Housing Levy and the 2023 Finance Bill.

According to the Azimio Camp lead by Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the Housing Levy proposal, together with the 2023 Finance Bill, will be greatly opposed.

Speaking to the media, Raila Odinga urged Members of Parliament to keep the threats from the Kenya Kwanza government led by President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

From his advice to every member of Parliament, Raila went ahead, urging Mps to think about the needs of their voters, who is the local Mwananchi instead of serving in favour of their political masters.


In response to Azimio la Umoja, President William Ruto has experienced his goodwill to the nation, saying the housing fund will not only change the face of the country but also raise the living standards of local people.

A picture of Kenyas Vision on offordable Housing Plan

The Finance Bill 2023 has faced a lot of opposition due to the 3% Housing Levy that will be taxed from Kenyan workers.

According to Kenya workers’ groups, the tax is supposed to be optional since most workers are already on a different housing plan after taking housing loans from their respective banks.

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