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Hot: Zora Citizen Tv Today 9th November 2021 full Episode

Zora Citizen Tv todays Episode – Part 1

Hamida visits Zora. Hamida the all time friend to Zora is restless. She finds all not right since Zora has changed from who she was earlier. She no longer picks up the phone calls nor visit them.

As Hamidah wants to leave she is obstructed by Neema. But as she arrives at Fellah’s home surprisingly Neema also enters.

On the other side we find Filah not happy with what is going on in the Chibale’s home. She disagrees with her father and kwame over the shifting of shares. Filah calls the cab and goes to the grave yard where her mother was buried.

Part 2

Madiba rushes to the grave yard looking for Filah. Alma appears to Filah pretending to be a very old woman with a dog. As they have a conversation Madiba and Zalena arrives as she leaves not to be noticed.