All gone messy. Can you imagine a man like Oliver holding a gun for a girl like Nana. The show is getting hotter as the episodes keep on rolling over day by day. From the latest episode…

First. We come across Oliver threatening Nana just because he is badly in love with her. Can you imagine he was holding a gun pointing to Nana but he himself was trembling. If this is the case then how could he pull the trigger?

Nanas friends takes away the gun from him unknowingly. This again proves that he is jus a no dangerous man.

from the love,,, Oliver in the show decides to drink alcohol. He consumes too much till he doesn’t understand where he is sleeping a great politician he was.

Oliver is found in the flower garden drunk by Ogola who inturn notified The house girl. Zalena suspects and walks out only to discover the same. From what happens to Madiba there after,, makes Zalena understand that there is a misunderstanding between Oliver and Madiba.

On the other hand we came to understand who Zora is. She is easy to disown a child. She says she doesn’t want anything to do with Simba after he ran away. Despite Zoras explanation to him he still had to go on and disrespect his mother.

Zora citizen TV 30th August 2021

Hamidah and Nana.
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