Part 1

Zora Citizen Tv 25th November 2021

“You deserve to roat in hell” Milton doesn’t have any feelings for Yolah. He gives her self courage being a fact that they have been lovers.

As the minutes keep counting We also encounter Master back to the robbery business. He does this to raise money that is required to take his wife for medication.

Zora pays her father a visit. They discuss their relationship with Yolah. She is advised to attend the burial ceremony. Zora is notified for Madiba’s whereabouts but she tends to have no interest.

Milton also is seen in a bar sponsoring all customers with free drinks. Immediately a super good looking girl enters on a call discussing large sums of money. This impress Milton hence acknowledging her intelligence, beauty and good looking. Milton requests for a relationship.

Master on arrival with Mama Pipi at home from hospital. She requests Master to stop robbery and use the little he raises fairly. Master promises to take care of her.

Part 2

Part two starts in a Restaurant where Milton makes a detailed discussion with the lady. She discloses that she exports Avocado. He asks to invest 1,000,000 an investment termed as peanut. She asks him to think about it and invest more.

“When you’re ready let me know.” “Well you are a good deal as well so I mean”

Kwame Opens Up to Madiba

On the other side Madiba discusses with Kwame. Kwame pours everything on the table for Madiba. He explains every bit of happens of what transpired.

Amidst their discussion Madiba sees a lady looking like Alma. He quickly signals Kwame and flat on the ground they lay. She misses the target. After the air is clean Kwame confirms if his brother is OK. When he wakes up Madiba runs very fast and lives kwame behind.

The show indeed is heart breaking. Zalena still has the courage to plan anything against The Chibale’s. That is his only son Milton. She is now sleepless until she retrieves the wealth back.

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