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Hassan Joho & Nimrod Tabu affected by KPLC scheduled outage tomorrow

Kenya lighting company has issued a list of major regions that will experience power Outage.

The maintenance process is set for 25th August 2022. According to the Kenya Power and lighting company policy, Outages are always scheduled daytime starting from 9.00am to 3pm.

During this time all the main switches serving the listed areas are down to allow for Kenya power personnel execute their work conveniently.

Major regions scheduled for Maintenance by KPLC include Nairobi, Machakos, Nyeri, and Mombasa.



Area: Kabaserian Avenue

Time: 9.00 A.M – 5.00 P.M

Date: Thursday 25.08.2022

Parts of James Gichuru Road, St. Mary School, Muthangari Police, Kabaserian Ave, Loreto Convents School, Kanjata Crescent and adjacent customers.


Area: Katani

Time: 9.00 A.M – 5.00 P.M

Date: Thursday 25.08.2022

According to Kenya Power Rim House, Katani S/Centre, SFS, Katani lounge, Seme, Pridelands, Shajaanad Quarry, Karsan Ramji, Mwangaza and adjacent customers remain affected.


Area: Tumutumu Hospital, Kiangoma

Time: 9.00 A.M – 3.00 P.M

Date: Thursday 25.08.2022

Tumutumu Hospital, Mbogoini Kiamubira Primary, Kiangoma Market, Kanyanjiru Village, Karii Fact, Wakamata Market, Mung’aria polytechnic and its adjacent customers.


Area: Utange, Parts of Majaoni

Time: 9.00 A.M – 5.00 P.M

Date: Thursday 25.08.2022

Utange, Hassan Joho Primary, Barawa, Nimrod Tabu, Perto Utaange, Wema Centre, Palestina, Kidarajani, Keroport, Shimo la Tewa Annex, Mkoroshoni, Maweni, Kiembeni Blue East and Adjacent customers.

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