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GoK Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna Warns Kenyans over the 2022 presidential result Speculation

Live Updates: 2022 Election Results News

The government of Kenya through Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has issued a very turf warning to Kenyans as they wait for the Presidential Results 2022.

Speaking on the bold conversation going round social media tagged #KenyaDecides2022, Mr Oguna first hand to warmly congratulate Citizen for their exercised patience.

Kenyans have been waiting for the presidential results 2022 since the election day held on 9th August 2022.

Oguna also appreciated the fact that Kenya is a free Country.


He Says….

” A country of Unfettered freedom. We are a unique island of freedom in a sea of restricted rights. As a people, we enjoy unfettered freedoms in almost all dimensions of social life. We particularly enjoy unrivalled freedom of speech, to the extent that we have become the envy of many.”

He however said, it is equally important to note that, every right has a duty, and responsibility.

“The rights we enjoy, including utilizing social media as a platform to communicate should be exercised responsibly. “

This statement is not just issued to an empty account but to warn a section of the political biased section on social media.

“In the last few days, we have observed irresponsible misuse of social media to propagate false information designed to condition and align the mind of the targeted audience to think in a certain way.”

According to the national elections acts this is unacceptable, particularly when Kenyans are anxiously waiting to know who the winner will be.

Oguna Warns Itumbi

Mr. Cyrus Oguna Warns Blogger and UDA supporter Mr Itumbi who had issued an alarm about abduction on This kind of misinformation is said to be reckless and irresponsible.

Dennis Itumbi Posts on Twitter about Wanjohi Githae and Davis Chirchir

Dennis Itumbi: “UDA Communications Director Wanjohi Githae and DP @WilliamsRuto Chief Of Staff Davis Chirchir ARRESTED / KIDNAPPED at BOMAS.”

Government Spokesperson Oguna disqualifies fake news

Cyrus Oguna: “The statement on abduction by an individual associated with one coalition is reckless and irresponsible. We commend Kenyans and members of the fourth estate who patriotically called out this individual and relayed the correct information to the public. You are all today’s heroes and heroines. We want to appeal to Kenyans to treat such statement with the contempt they deserve, and to urge them to continue to be patient as we wait for the IEBC to make any announcement.”

Final hit:

Kenyans have been urged to keep distance with the ongoing tallying process as they wait for the winner.

On a stronger view, they have been urged to continue with the daily activities to grow tye country since their focus on the results as of now won’t alter the Presidential results winner 2022.

Chebukati warns Presidential Agents

Mr Chebukati the IEBC Chairperson had also urged the national presidential agents at Bomas of Kenya to keep their lanes of Form 34a and B verification.

Issuing a hot slap, he promised to throw out anyone who will interfere with the Verification process from the national IEBC tallying Centre located at Bomas of Kenya.

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