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Part 1

Fellah Complains about Zora: Fellah after noticing some changes in his wife’s current, he decides to share with her father Mr Simba. He visits the old man hence disclosing how he notices Zora’s love towards Madiba.

“Zora emazidiwa na Mapenzi.” He acknowledges how Zora has tried much to stabilise the family.

Madiba prepares breakfast: Madiba finally prepares breakfast and invites everyone to the table. The meal happens to be so delicious but unfortunately the unexpected happens hence causing everyone to lose appetite.

Madiba receives a video call from Zora: Madiba after laying the table he receives a call. He borrows Kwame his younger brother earphones and walks out. Madiba receives the video call from Zora where we hear him explaining his love and how he did not sleep at night. The two wish to have been together. As two speak Ogola opens the gate.

I Have a confession to make: Talia has a confession to make. Madiba tries to hinder her but she pushes him back. Talia heads to the master house.

As Zalena questions why Neema had to enjoy the meal with the family on the dining table, the two are shocked as Talia finds her way in. They don’t know what she has brought this time round.

Nilikuja huku ns hasira sana. Nilikuwa nataka kuwatoment nyinyi wote mbaka muconfesse nyinyi ndio mliua sister yangu. But unfortunately along the way Nilikuwa attacked by love. I fell in love with Madiba. Niko in love na Madiba. That’s why nilidrop case ya Alma. Kwame nilikuwa nataka kukuambia neno moja. Usisahau Alma. She made alot of sacrifices for you. She went through alot for you and your relationship. Honour her memory. One last thing, unaona huyo mtoto Alma alikuwa amebeba during her last precious moments? Huyo mtoto ni wa fellah.” She spills the beans.

Kwame runs Mad

The man Kwame wanted so much to know is now revealed. The man who impregnated Alma his wife is revealed by Talia her twin sister. Kwame receives the information negatively. He forgets allowing Alma to find a man to make her pregnant. Kwame on top of her voice – “Tokeni hapa,” He hits the table harder.

Zora Citizen Tv part 2

At Fellah’s Home: Zora is still thinking about the sweet words she heard from Madiba. Hopeless Fellah sits there watching her. After regaining back to her senses Zora pretends to be caring. She goes for a nail cutter to trim his nails.

Nana gets the information: Zalena informs Nana of the information Talia said.

Neema Informs Hamida: Neema asks for Ogola’s phone to pass the current situation at Oliver’s House.

Fire at Fellah’s Home as Shooting occur

Madiba arrives at Fellah’s home. The quarrels between Kwame and Fellah occur hence forcing him to go for a gun. After the two run out and turn against each other Fellah shoots in the air.

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