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Famous Bongo Songs 2022/23 trending at #1

Competition in the music industry has grown as musicians discover new strategies to engage their audiences.

Currently trending songs Kuna Kuna and Kwikwi have remained on top with their simple hook pegged to simple dance moves.

According to the talent analysts, songs that engage the audience in dancing make up to the top list very fast but might remain on the lead for a long time.

Adding on that, the songs pick and spread very fast after the induction of short videos on social media for example TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


1. Vic West – Kuna Kuna ft. Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina & Thee Exit Band

Kuna Kuna is among YouTube videos that broke record. It accumulated 5.5M view within 1 Months.

Licences: Ingrooves on Behalf of Black Market Records.

Kuna Kuna is produced by Vic West. It is directed by Lozh, dance group Collo Blu and sponsored by Sasa Bet.

2. Zuch – Kwikwi

Kwikwi official audio on YouTube has cumulatively about 876K views. It was uploaded on 4th October 2022. The artist behind this hit music is Zuchu from Tanzania.

Licences: Ziiki Media South Africa on behalf of WCB Wasafi.

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