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Eric Omondi’s Petition on 75% local content airplay is Comedy

Eric Omondi is a Comedian. He in many circumstances has been noted doing craziest things just to attract public attention. He was seen some few days before this petition being arrested by the security officer.

It come out as comedy where he was asked to enter the police vehicle but in contrary he climbed the top. Who will take this petition seriously?

1. Jaguar

Jaguar the Mp and long singing musician too can not take it seriously. He may not be sure of Omondi’s move until everything if filed. Hon Jaguar himself is a musician. He has been in Parliament for not less then 4 Years now. But ironically he has never thought of fighting for the rule that will Govern musician. Doesn’t it sound sarcastic. Yes it does where a Comedian comes to create a bill for the singers. What will he benefit from it that the right owners have never thought of?

Babu Owino, Mp Jaguar and Comedian Eric Omondi- Photo Curtesy.


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