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Eric Omondi Arrested for Protesting over High Cost of Living

Nairobi, Kenya: Comedian Eric Omondi is arrested for protesting over the high cost of living.

This happened in Nairobi around Jeevanjee Gardens on Monday 3rd April 2023.

Eric Omondi today was arrested after protesting over the high cost of living.

This isn’t the first time the Comedian has been arrested since a few weeks ago, he was put into police custody twice.

Among these two arrests, Eric Omondi was charged once with creating public disturbance.


Today, Omondi was protesting, calling out the government to lower the cost of living, which is really draining local citizens’ pockets.

It should be noted that yesterday, Azimio la Umoja called off the protests after President William Ruto asked him to.

President William Ruto requested the parties involved in protests to find it more productive when using the right channel to solve the issues raised. He also said protests have been jeopardising peoples businesses in the city while others have turned not peaceful, hence leading to loss of lives and destruction of property.

Omong, the key issue by Azimio One Kenya is the cost of living. Azimio has allowed the government some time to rethink the use of subsidies to help Kenyans afford basic commodities in the country like the floor.

More information about Eric Omondi arrest to follow,…

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